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Calculating Carbohydrate Content of Compounded Medications for Patients on a Ketogenic Diet

Author(s):  McElhiney Linda F, Cheng Angela, Meshberger Laura, Imai Lara

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2010 - Pediatrics and Wellness
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Abstract:  The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, lowcarbohydrate, and low-protein diet designed to increase the body’s dependence on fatty acids for energy rather than glucose. This diet is used as a treatment option for young children with refractory seizure disorders or inborn metabolic defects. Children on this diet must be closely monitored by a team of healthcare professionals consisting of neurologists, nurses, dieticians, and pharmacists. Accurate calculations for daily allowances of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are essential for success of the treatment. Since pediatric patients that are on the ketogenic diet often take compounded medications, there is also a need to determine the carbohydrate content of the compounded medications. Researching and trying to calculate the carbohydrate content of compounded medications can be very time consuming. A group of PharmD candidates from Purdue University were provided with copies of the top 100 compounded oral liquids prepared at Clarian Health Partners, Inc. Their exte

Related Keywords: Linda F McElhiney, PharmD, RPh, FIACP, FASHP, Angela Cheng, Laura Meshberger, Lara Imai, children, seizure disorders, ketogenic diet, carbohydrates, metabolic disorders, glucose metabolism, excipients, oral liquid vehicles


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