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Product Containment in the Compounding Laboratory

Author(s):  Vidrine Eric

Issue:  May/Jun 2003 - Diabetes and Wound Care
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Abstract:  Product containment is an important area of quality control in the compounding laboratory, and it is imperative that pharmacists become knowledgeable about issues related to product containment and employee safety, implement systems to ensure preparation of quality compounds and provide a safe workplace. This article covers considerations, types of enclosures (barrier isolators or gloveboxes and open-faced enclosures) and the setup the author uses in his pharmacy (four enclosed workstations, one of which is freestanding, and three of which are ducted to a central filtration unit). The author concludes that proper containment should be a vital part of a compounding pharmacy’s quality-assurance plan.

Related Keywords: Containment, of products during compounding, Enclosures, open-faced, for product containment during nonsterile compounding


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