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Profile of a Practice: Don West, RPh, Lloyd Center Pharmacy, Portland, Oregon

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2003 - After the Women's Health Initiative Trial
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Abstract:  This profile describes how Don West developed and markets his practice. He began by purchasing Lloyd Center Pharmacy, soon combined it with another store that had a compounding practice and got a good start compounding morphine suppositories for pain control requested by a local visiting nurses’ association. The current Lloyd Center Pharmacy has a modern design and offers pharmaceuticals and nutritionals in addition to compounding. West has worked with hospice patients and for many years compounded a medication to treat morning sickness (when the commercially available medication was discontinued). He markets to both medical doctors and naturopathic physicians and personally contacts his prescribers. He distributes a newsletter to physicians naturopathic physicians, dentists and veterinarians. Two graduate resident naturopaths work in the pharmacy one day a week, and a naturopathic physician provides counseling once a week on health issues. Fourth-year PharmD students also spend a 6-week rotation in the pharmacy. According to West, one of the most effective preparations he and his staff compound is used to treat a fulminating eye infection. Other successful compounds treat nausea and vomiting in hospice patients and include hormone replacement therapy.

Related Keywords: Marketing, for compounding pharmacies, Profile of a Practice: Lloyd Center Pharmacy

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