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Profile of a Practice: Med Specialties Pharmacy

Author(s):  Mathew Brina

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2000 - Compounding for Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Page(s):  448-449

Profile of a Practice: Med Specialties Pharmacy Page 1
Profile of a Practice: Med Specialties Pharmacy Page 2

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Abstract:  This profile features Mark Conzalez, PharmD, and his pharmacy, Med Specialties Pharmacy in Yorba Linda, CA. Providing patient education and consultation have defined the structure and design of his practice, which has a reception area, conference room, Internet resource center for patients (with bookmarked websites pertaining to certain disease states) and closed-door consulting office. Gonzalez provides a full-service screening center for glaucoma, cholesterol, body fat and skin damage. He even offers flu shots to the public. He distributes general information about his pharmacy via retail chain pharmacies in his area. Other innovative practices include providing consumers and physicians with special binders of information and providing compact discs containing information pertinent to specialists. Approximately 30% of his business is veterinary compounding, and he has compounded antimalarial medications for Sea World penguins.

Related Keywords: California, Mark Gonzalez, Med Specialties Pharmacy, Yorba Linda

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