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Proteins Used as Sweeteners

Author(s):  Li Xiaojian, Alexander Kenneth S

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2007 - High-Technology Compounding
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Page(s):  476-481

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Proteins Used as Sweeteners Page 2
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Abstract:  For the prevention of obesity, diabetes, dental caries, and some metabolic disorders, ingestion of sugar should be restricted. Although they have high-potency sweetness, artificial low-calorie sweeteners can have severe adverse effects. Public demand for natural and healthy flavors, as well as perceived problems with the toxicity and taste quality of existing synthetic sweeteners, have led to efforts to find natural proteins with high sweetness and taste-modifying properties. Some important properties of natural protein sweeteners and taste-modifying protein sweeteners are discussed in this review.

Related Keywords: Xiaojian Li, BS, Kenneth S. Alexander, PhD, RPh, natural sweeteners, sugar substitutes, sweet taste, flavorings, thaumatin, monellin, mabinlin, pentadin, brazzein, curculin, lysozyme, large-molecule proteins, tropical plants, taste-modifying activity, miraculin


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