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Hospice and Palliative Care Articles
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Basics: Hollow-type Suppositories
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2022
Pg. 302-307

Stability of Dexmedetomidine in Polyvinyl Chloride Bags Containing 0.9% Sodium Chloride Intended for Subcutaneous Infusions
Wolfe Amanda
, Zhang Jeremy, Lapenskie Julie, Downar James, Kanji Salmaan
Jul/Aug 2021
Pg. 330-335

Glycopyrrolate 0.2 mg/mL in Methylcellulose 1% and Syrup
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2020
Pg. 56

Compounded Drugs of Value in Outpatient Hospice and Palliative Care Practice
McNulty John P
, Muller George
May/Jun 2014
Pg. 190-200

Palliative Care and Compounding for Household Pets
Gaskins Jessica L
Nov/Dec 2012
Pg. 452-455

Compounded Oral Ketamine for Severe Depression, Anxiety, and Pain in a Hospice Patient with End-stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Cardiopulmonary Failure, and Severe Renal Insufficiency: A Case Report
McNulty Jack P
, Hahn Kristian
Sep/Oct 2012
Pg. 364-368

When Traditional Medicine Fails
Bash Robert
Jan/Feb 2010
Pg. 6-8

Compounding for Cancer in Companion Animals
Mixon William
, Northrup Nicole, Vail Jane
Jan/Feb 2009
Pg. 42-49

Topical Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
Vadaurri Vince
May/Jun 2008
Pg. 182-190

Hospice and Compounding Pharmacy: Once Inseperable
Williams LaVonn A
Jan/Feb 2008
Pg. 28-37

Principles of Pediatric Palliative Care and Pain Control
Peralta Alexander Jr
Jan/Feb 2007
Pg. 10-15

Hospice Symptom Relief Kit: An Update
Petrin Ronald L
Jul/Aug 2006
Pg. 288-290

Aseptic Compounding in New Zealand and the Use of Still Air Boxes
Gargiulo Derryn
, Kairuz Therese Eileen
Jul/Aug 2006
Pg. 293-295

Initial Selection of Antiemetics in End-of-Life Care: A Retrospective Analysis
Tolen Laura
, McMath Jill A, Alt Calvin, Weschules Douglas J, Knowlton Calvin H, McPherson Mary Lynn
Mar/Apr 2006
Pg. 147-153

Hospice from a Compounding Pharmacist's Perspective
Jones Marty
Mar/Apr 2006
Pg. 89-93

ABHR Gel in the Treatment of Nausea and Vomiting in the Hospice Patient
Moon Richard B
Mar/Apr 2006
Pg. 95-98

The Story of Hospice
Kuntz Rachael
Mar/Apr 2006
Pg. 100-102

The Dying Process
Fonseca Simonne C
Mar/Apr 2006
Pg. 103-106

Current Topical Treatments in Wound Healing - Part 1
Helmke Christopher D
Jul/Aug 2004
Pg. 269-274

Scopolamine Hydrobromide 0.25-mg/0.1-mL Topical Gel
Hinkle Amanda R
, Newton Gail D
May/Jun 2004
Pg. 185

Indomethacin 50-mg Suppositories
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2003
Pg. 375

ABHR in PLO (Lorazepam, Diphenhydramine HCl, Haloperidol, Metoclopramide HCl)
Allen Loyd V Jr
May/Jun 2003
Pg. 183

Hospice and the Role of the Compounding Pharmacist
Carling Maureen A
Jul/Aug 2000
Pg. 246-249

Nausea and Vomiting in Hospice Patients
Boomsma Diane
Jul/Aug 2000
Pg. 250-251

Ketamine for Pain in Hospice Patients
Wood Robert M
Jul/Aug 2000
Pg. 253-254

Custom-Making Medications for the Hospice Patient
Horwitz Robert
Jul/Aug 2000
Pg. 255-256

Basics of Compounding: Compounding Suppositories: Part I - Theoretical Considerations
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2000
Pg. 289-293

Dexamethasone 1.2%, Lorazepam 0.1%, Haloperidol 0.1%, Diphenhydramine HCl 2.4% and Metoclopramide HCl 2.4% in PLO
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2000
Pg. 297

Managing Pain in the Terminally Ill
Williams Clifford L
Mar/Apr 1998
Pg. 111-114

The Symptom Relief Kit for Hospice Patients
Petrin Ronald L
Mar/Apr 1998
Pg. 116-117

Compounding Pharmacists Play a Vital Role in AIDS Treatment
Staton Tracy
Nov/Dec 1997
Pg. 386-388

Hospice Care and the Pharmacist
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 10-12

Rectal and Stomal Administration of Analgesic Suppositories
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 12

Aromatherapy and the Hospice Patient
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 18-19

Aromatherapy Mood Elevation No. 1
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 20

Aromatherapy Mood Elevation No. 2
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 21

ABH Hard Troche
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 26

ABH Soft Troche
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 27

ABH Sugar Troche
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 27

Morphine Sulfate Slow-Release Suppositories
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 32-33

Ondansetron HCl Suppositories
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 34-35

Morphine Suppositories
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 36