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Preventative Medicine and Wellness Articles
Title (Click for Abstract / Details) Author Issue Page View/Buy
Pharmacy Technicians' Perceptions of Risk Reduction Strategies Implemented in Response to the Repetitive Strain Injury Associated with Sterile Compounding Zamani Mazdak, Chan Kayin, Wilcox Julie May/Jun 2021 182-186 Buy
The History, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Types, Diagnosis, Treatments, and Prevention of Gout, Part 2 Williams LaVonn A Jan/Feb 2019 14-21 Buy
Magnesium Sulfate and Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection in Prefilled Syringes Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2019 55 Buy
Treatment of Dermatologic Adverse Events Induced by Oncological Treatments Using Compounded Medications Zur Eyal Nov/Dec 2018 446-454 Buy
Oseltamivir Phosphate 15 mg/mL in SyrSpend SF Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2018 323 Buy
Pyrimethamine 2 mg/mL in Ora-Plus and Ora-Sweet Oral Suspension Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2018 236 Buy
Basics of Compounding: Providing Pharmacy Services to Bariatric Surgery Patients McElhiney Linda F Jan/Feb 2018 30-39 Buy
Menopausal Symptom Relief and Side Effects Experienced by Women Using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Synthetic Conjugated Equine Estrogen and/or Progestin Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 1 Deleruyelle Laura J Sep/Oct 2016 359-364 Buy
Permethrin 1% Lotion Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2016 411 Buy
Tetracaine Hydrochloride 2% Topical Solution Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2016 414 Buy
Fluconazole 2-mg/mL Injection Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2012 421 Buy
A Concise Discussion of Headache Types, Part 2: Migraine Williams LaVonn A May/Jun 2012 182-188 Buy
Gastrointestinal Mucositis: Focus on the Treatment of the Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy on the Rectum Zur Eyal Mar/Apr 2012 117-124 Buy
Oral Mucositis: Etiology and Clinical and Pharmaceutical Management Zur Eyal Jan/Feb 2012 22-33 Buy
Sodium Nitroprusside and Sodium Thiosulfate Intravenous Admixture Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2011 71 Buy
PreScription: The Ages of Man Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2010 92 Buy
Solprotex 2.5% Lotion Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2010 71 Buy
Prophylaxis Against Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens During Compounding Williams Angie, Mixon William Jan/Feb 2010 14-18 Buy
Unit Dose Packaging and Repackaging of Solid and Liquid Dosage Forms in an Institutional Setting McElhiney Linda F Jan/Feb 2010 32-38 Buy
Hand Sanitizer Gel Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2010 66 Buy
Riley Butt Cream Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2009 339 Buy
Aprepitant 20-mg/mL Oral Liquid Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2009 153 Buy
Testing the Long-Term Stability of Vancomycin Ophthalmic Solution McLellan Christine, Ngo Van, Pasedis Sophia, Dohlman Claes H Sep/Oct 2008 456-459 Buy
Compounding Challenges for Immunocompromised Patients McElhiney Linda F Nov/Dec 2008 482-487 Buy
Compatibility and Stability of Palonosetron Hydrochloride with Four Neuromuscular Blocking Agents During Simulated Y-Site Administration Trusley Craig, Ben Michel, Kupiec Thomas C, Trissel Lawrence A Mar/Apr 2008 156-160 Buy
Acetylcysteine 200-mg/mL Oral Liquid Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2007 417 Buy
Acetylcysteine 200-mg Packets Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2007 418 Buy
Isoniazid Release from Suppositories Compounded with Selected Bases Hudson Kristofer C, Asbill C Scott, Webster Andrew A Sep/Oct 2007 433-437 Buy
Cefuroxime Axetil 10-mg/mL Oral Liquid Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2007 156 Buy
Ondansetron Hydrochloride 0.8mg/mL Oral Liquid Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2007 158 Buy
Pharmacogenomics: The End of Trial-and-Error Medicine? Vail Jane Jan/Feb 2007 59-65 Buy
Dermatological Effects from Years in the Sun: Compounding Opportunities Jones Marty Sep/Oct 2006 336-342 Buy
Migraine: A General Approach to Prevention and Treatment Kennedy Bonnie M Sep/Oct 2006 344-350 Buy
Case Report: Treatment of Migraines with Compounded Piroxicam Mini-Troches Williams Steve D Sep/Oct 2006 351 Buy
Rifabutin 20-mg/mL Oral Liquid Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2006 305 Buy
Mesna 20-mg/mL Syrup Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2006 224 Buy
Pyrimethamine 2-mg/mL Oral Suspension Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2006 226 Buy