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Compounding for the Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Author(s):  Sammarco Domenic A

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2003 - Terrorism
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Abstract:  As incidents of terrorism become more common, pharmacists and medical professionals must plan for a possible domestic terrorist attack involving biologic, chemical or nuclear weapons. For the United States to be truly prepared, federal, state and local agencies must have the knowledge, intelligence, training and supplies to counter this realistic threat of the 21st century. Terrorists often use chemical, biologic or limited nuclear warfare involving weapons that are easier to produce and smaller in size and that have a profound psychological and physical impact.

Related Keywords: Anthrax, prophylaxis against, Biologic agents of war, prophylaxis against, Biologic warfare, prophylaxis against, Blister agents, prophylaxis against, Blood agents, prophylaxis against, Botulism, prophylaxis against, Brucellosis, prophylaxis against, Chelating agents, radionuclide, for exposure to radiologic agents of war, Chemical agents of war, prophylaxis against, Chemical warfare, prophylaxis against, Cholera, prophylaxis against, Cyanide, prophylaxis against, Disaster plan, community, for biologic or chemical warfare, Encephalitides, viral, prophylaxis against, Glanders, prophylaxis against, Hemorrhagic fevers, viral, prophylaxis against, Lung agents, prophylaxis against, Nerve agents, prophylaxis against, Nuclear warfare agents, prophylaxis against, Plague, prophylaxis against, Q fever, prophylaxis against, Radiologic agents, prophylaxis against and treatment for, Ricin, prophylaxis against, Smallpox, prophylaxis against, Staphylococcus enterotoxin B, prophylaxis against, T-2 mycotoxins, prophylaxis against, Tularemia, prophylaxis against, Warfare, agents of, prophylaxis against, Warfare, biologic, prophylaxis against, Warfare, chemical, prophylaxis against, Warfare, vaccines for use in, Weapons of mass destruction, resources for counteracting


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