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Low-dose Pilocarpine Spray to Treat Xerostomia

Author(s):  Zur Eyal

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2020 - Volume 24, Number 2
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Page(s):  104-108

Low-dose Pilocarpine Spray to Treat Xerostomia Page 1
Low-dose Pilocarpine Spray to Treat Xerostomia Page 2
Low-dose Pilocarpine Spray to Treat Xerostomia Page 3
Low-dose Pilocarpine Spray to Treat Xerostomia Page 4
Low-dose Pilocarpine Spray to Treat Xerostomia Page 5

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Abstract:  Although pilocarpine hydrochloride tablets are currently indicated for the treatment of xerostomia, their adverse effects are frequently reported. The development of a new, low-dose pilocarpine solution for topical oral-cavity use is needed. This article discusses a few clinical trials to formulate a topical low-dose solution of pilocarpine hydrochloride for the treatment of xerostomia and presents two low dose, stable formulations of pilocarpine topical spray that can improve the patient's quality of life with minimal adverse effects.

Related Keywords: Eyal Zur, BSc Pharm, RPh, MBA, xerostomia, dry mouth, Sjögren syndrome, head and neck radiotherapy, aging, pilocarpine hydrochloride, saliva secretion stimulant, cholinergic agonist, muscarinic activation, mucin, cevimeline, adverse effects, formulations, dosage forms, topical preparation, oral spray


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