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Author(s):  Drinnon Stephen D, Stockton Shelly J

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2020 - Volume 24, Number 6
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Page(s):  480

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Related Keywords: Stephen D. Drinnon, PharmD, Shelly J. Stockton, BS Pharm, PhD, RPh, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, alligation medial, alligation alternate

Related Categories: SUPPORT

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Drinnon Stephen D
, Stockton Shelly J
Nov/Dec 2020
Pg. 480

Quality Control: Hand and Glove Sanitizing in Sterile Compounding, Part 2
Greeson Nicole MH
, Mixon William, Huslage Kirk, Stiegel Matthew A, Thomann Wayne R
Nov/Dec 2019
Pg. 467-471

Waterless Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers for the Compounding Pharmacy
Mixon William
, Wood Adam P, Low Jennifer, Homan Linda
Jul/Aug 2011
Pg. 278-284

Quality Control: Hand and Glove Sanitizing in Sterile Compounding, Part 1
Greeson Nicole MH
, Mixon William, Huslage Kirk, Stiegel Matthew A, Thomann Wayne R
Sep/Oct 2019
Pg. 387-391

Compounding Pearls -- Wound Care: Base Selection
Riepl Mike
Mar/Apr 2020
Pg. 98-102

Stockton Shelly J
Nov/Dec 2021
Pg. 498

Basics of Compounding: Excipients Used in Nonsterile Compounding, Part 10: Rectal Suppository Bases
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2021
Pg. 304-309

Stockton Shelly J
, Drinnon Stephen D
Jul/Aug 2019
Pg. 312-313

Stockton Shelly J
, Drinnon Stephen D
Mar/Apr 2019
Pg. 144

Profile of a Practice: Stephen J. Newton, RPh, and PharmaTech Services, Inc., Avon, Colo.
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2004
Pg. 107-109

Development and Validation of a Stability-indicating High-performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Quantification of Progesterone in Compounded Glycerinated Gelatin Troches
Burrows Anna C
, Yellepeddi Venkata Kashyap, Snyder Spencer, Wakefield Meagan, Jackson David, Huynh Johnny, Nguyen Khoa, Sayre Casey L
Jul/Aug 2019
Pg. 340-350

Prince Shelly J
Mar/Apr 2004
Pg. 132

Rapid-Dissolve Technology: An Interview With Loyd V. Allen, Jr., PhD, RPh
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2003
Pg. 449-450

Prince Shelly J
May/Jun 2004
Pg. 211

Hand Sanitizer Gel
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2010
Pg. 66

Prince Shelly J
Jul/Aug 2003
Pg. 294

Physicochemical and Microbiological Stability of Vancomycin 10-mg/mL Intravitreal Syringes
Bartoll Aaron Puplà
, Bellés Medall Maria Dolores, Peñarrocha Josep Edo, Escrig Laura Solaz, Clemente Ruben Eguren, Azuara Julia Bodega, Piqueres Raul Ferrando
Jul/Aug 2022
Pg. 330-335

Pathophysiology and Management of Onychomycosis and Novel Approaches for Effective Transdermal Applications
Dharmian Jose Prakash
, Sathiyaseelan Iraniammal, Renganathan Akshaya, Mubees Alamaan Mohamed, Naser Mohammed Yasin Abdul, Ramkrishnan Prakash, Arumugam Somasundaram
Nov/Dec 2023
Pg. 494-502

Alcohol-based Carbomer Gel
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2009
Pg. 332

Stockton Shelly J
May/Jun 2010
Pg. 230

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