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Natural Estrogens: A Review of the Primary Literature

Author(s):  Glasnapp Andrew

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2000 - Compounding for Diabetes Patients
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Page(s):  110-114

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Abstract:  Many health professionals realize that natural-estrogen supplementation could have advantages over synthetic-estrogen therapies, but the apparent lack of literature on the subject, combined with the busy schedule of a typical health professional and the questions surrounding natural estrogens, limits their use. The purpose of this review is to provide answers to many common questions about natural-estrogen supplementation, based on information found in the current literature. To accomplish this, a literature search was conducted from 1966 through 1999 using the National Library of Medicine database, Medline. The author focuses on the most common questions asked about natural-estrogen supplementation, including cardiovascular effects, lipid metabolism, blood-clotting effects, bone resorptions, urinary tract infections, skin aging, hypertension and diabetes. Twenty-five references accompany the article (the most current references addressing the most common questions). The author concludes that estradiol and estriol have many potential benefits

Related Keywords: estradiol, estriol, hormones, estrogens, hormonal supplementation, menopause, hormonal replacement, estrone, estrogen replacement, postmenopausal, benefits of estradiol, benefits of estriol, natural estrogens, bone density, bone mass, Andrew Glasnapp

Related Categories: HRT

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