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A Foot in the Door: Building Relationships Builds Your Business

Author(s):  Baron Janet

Issue:  May/Jun 2004 - Andropause
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Page(s):  197-199

A Foot in the Door:  Building Relationships Builds Your Business Page 1
A Foot in the Door:  Building Relationships Builds Your Business Page 2
A Foot in the Door:  Building Relationships Builds Your Business Page 3

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Abstract:  The author, a marketing representative for a compounding pharmacy, advises readers on ways to build relationships with physicians. She relates an anecdote about good responses received from a personal note and free issue of a magazine sent to physicians (and contrasts this success with the lack of response after sending big prescribers gift certificates and free gifts). She stresses that success is based on sincere personal relationships and recounts her very successful experience in teaming up with a local family practice physician to host a dinner for target physicians. Afterward she was pleased to see that the physicians welcomed her visits to their offices. She provides enough information about this dinner event to enable the reader to successfully stage a similar event of his or her own.

Related Keywords: Baron, Janet, Marketing, for compounding pharmacies


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