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Newsletters: An Essential Marketing Tool

Author(s):  Storey Patricia L

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2008 - Compounding Around the World
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Page(s):  128-129

Newsletters: An Essential Marketing Tool Page 1
Newsletters: An Essential Marketing Tool Page 2

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Abstract:  Newsletters are an essential marketing tool for compounding pharmacists. Professional newsletters maintain consistent contact, create awareness of your compounding practice among local healthcare professionals, and should provide practical, referenced, and timely reviews of the medical literature which validate the benefits of compounded medications and stimulate creativity in prescribing. Is postal service or e-mail the best way to send a newsletter? The answer lies with the recipient. Each individual has a personal preference as to how he or she prefers to receive information.

Related Keywords: Patricia L. Storey, RPh, FACA, marketing, newsletters, mailing, email, information resources


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