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In Vitro Release Tests of Ketoprofen from Pluronic Lecithin Organogel versus Lipoderm Using Immersion Cells and the Phoenix DB-6 Dry Heat Diffusion Tester

Author(s):  McKinney Rachael D, Dunbar Jacob R

Issue:  May/Jun 2021 - Volume 25, Number 3
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Abstract:  In vitro release tests are used to evaluate drug release of semisolid dosage forms for topical applications. We evaluated the capability of an in vitro release tests method to determine differences in drug release from three strengths of ketoprofen and from two different base formulations; a Pluronic lecithin organogel versus Lipoderm cream. Tests were conducted using two different apparatuses; the Phoenix DB-6 Dry Heat Diffusion Tester and immersion cells adapted to a USP 2 dissolution tester to compare their relative performance and test results. Our results demonstrate the ability of the method to discern differences in ketoprofen release rates proportional to drug concentration, differences in ketoprofen release rates between formulations with release from Pluronic lecithin organogel greater than that from Lipoderm at all concentrations, and comparability of results between apparatuses.

Related Keywords: Rachael D. McKinney, BA, PharmD, Jacob R. Dunbar, BS, MS, PhD, ketoprofen, topical preparation, drug release rates, in vitro release tests, pluronic lecithin organogel, lipoderm cream, semisolid dosage forms


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