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Custom-Making Medications for the Hospice Patient

Author(s):  Horwitz Robert

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2000 - Compounding for Hospice and Cancer Patients
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Page(s):  255-256

Custom-Making Medications for the Hospice Patient Page 1
Custom-Making Medications for the Hospice Patient Page 2

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Abstract:  This article concentrates on nonprescription products for dry mouth (Dry Mouth Spray), dry skin, hygiene products for bedridden patients (Body-Wash Formula and Rinseless Shampoo) and provides three formulations. It also covers a prescription Symptom Relief Kit for use in the home during the final stages of life and lists other services performed for hospice patients.

Related Keywords: bedridden, body-wash, custom-medications, dry mouth, dry mouth spray, dry skin, hospice, hygiene, nausea, pain relief, relief, rinseless shampoo, symtom relief, vomiting


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