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Pharmacy Marketing Articles
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PreScription: New Drug Approvals 2022 and Compounding Opportunities
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2023
Pg. 4

Pharmacogenomics as a Competitive Strategy for Compounding Pharmacies
Maham Nicole Y
Nov/Dec 2022
Pg. 474-479

Growing a Compounding Practice: Successful Marketing to Underserved Populations
McKettrick Greg
, Yoch Doug
Jul/Aug 2021
Pg. 270-274

Compounding from a Pharmacy Student's Perspective: Staying Competitive as a Compounding Pharmacy
Waldschmidt Ryan
Nov/Dec 2018
Pg. 471-473

Compounding from a Pharmacy Student's Perspective
Gochenauer Alexandria
Jul/Aug 2018
Pg. 281-283

Pharmacogenomics: Precision Pharmacy in 503A Compounding
Drummond Joseph
, Bennet Daron, Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2018
Pg. 95-107

Why Become Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board Accredited?
Dillon L Rad
Nov/Dec 2016
Pg. 469-474

Bedside Manner: Not Just for Doctors Anymore
Cormier Mindy
Mar/Apr 2015
Pg. 115-118

Giving Back: A Win-Win Plan of Action for Compounding Pharmacists
Rudner Shara
Jan/Feb 2015
Pg. 14-17

Marketing: Using Facebook to Market Your Compounding Pharmacy
Moore Renee
Nov/Dec 2014
Pg. 490-491

Marketing: Tips on Dealing With a Healthcare Practititioner's No-Rep Policy
Moore Renee
Sep/Oct 2014
Pg. 406

Marketing: Effective Use of Advertisements on Your Website
Moore Renee
May/Jun 2014
Pg. 210-211

Effective Advertisements
Moore Renee
Mar/Apr 2014
Pg. 120-121

Moore Renee
Jan/Feb 2014
Pg. 38

Marketing During the Holidays
Moore Renee
Nov/Dec 2013
Pg. 482-483

PostScription: The Pharmacist's Role in the Treatment of Cancer: A Personal Plea and Testimonial
Williams LaVonn A
May/Jun 2013
Pg. 262-263

Marketing: Overcoming Objections to Prescribing Compounded Medications
Moore Renee
Nov/Dec 2012
Pg. 484-485

Marketing: Drug Shortages and Discontinued Drugs: Marketing Techniques that Compounding Pharmacists Can Use to Advise and Serve Their Patients
Moore Renee
Sep/Oct 2012
Pg. 394-395

Okay, I've Got It: Now What Do I Do With It?
Moore Renee
Jul/Aug 2012
Pg. 310-311

Marketing: 16 Ways to Incorporate Facebook into Your Compounding Pharmacy
Moore Renee
May/Jun 2012
Pg. 224-225

Trade Shows: Planning Your Strategy
Moore Renee
Mar/Apr 2012
Pg. 134

7 Marketing Tactics That Don't Work
Moore Renee
Sep/Oct 2011
Pg. 388-389

7 Marketing Tactics That Don't Work, Part 3
Moore Renee
Jul/Aug 2011
Pg. 320-321

7 Marketing Tactics That Don't Work, Part 2
Moore Renee
May/Jun 2011
Pg. 222-223

Seven Marketing Tactics That Don't Work
Moore Renee
Mar/Apr 2011
Pg. 130-131

Marketing Vitamins, Minerals, and Other Nutrients
Kress Robert B
Jan/Feb 2011
Pg. 44-47

Home Infusion Accreditation: Another Quality Recognition Branding Tool
Canally Sandra C
Sep/Oct 2010
Pg. 360-364

Community Pharmacy Addresses the Need for Proper Drug Disposal with Positive Response
Briggs Valerie
Sep/Oct 2010
Pg. 366-369

Providing Consultation Services for Wellness Issues Related to Exercise, Weight Management, and Nutritional Support: Key Lifestyle Modification for Healthier Aging
Biundo Bruce
Jan/Feb 2010
Pg. 26-31

Compounding Pharmacy: A Unique Service for a Unique Population
Williams LaVonn A
, Franck Paul
Jan/Feb 2010
Pg. 19-20

Marketing the Geriatric Patient
Moore Renee
Nov/Dec 2009
Pg. 538-539

Marketing Veterinarians
Moore Renee
Sep/Oct 2009
Pg. 410-411

An Abridged History of Aspirin
Vance Dwight A
Sep/Oct 2009
Pg. 404-409

Compounding Solutions for Exotic and Nondomesticated Fauna in Australia: An Investigative Study
Haywood Alison
, Bolitho Richard, Gusti Kane, Yim Crystal, Testa Chris, Hattingh Laetitia
Sep/Oct 2009
Pg. 440-444

Optimizing Your Website: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing
Storey Patricia L
Jul/Aug 2009
Pg. 311-312

PreScription: A Good Name: Pharmacy
Allen Loyd V Jr
May/Jun 2009
Pg. 180

Compounded Medications in a Hospital Setting: Patient Counseling and Staff Education
McElhiney Linda F
May/Jun 2009
Pg. 224-229

Blogging for Business
Storey Patricia L
Mar/Apr 2009
Pg. 141-143

Technology for the Patient-Centric Pharmacy
Felkey Bill G
Sep/Oct 2008
Pg. 434-437

Marketing: Taking Your Show on the Road
Storey Patricia L
Sep/Oct 2008
Pg. 438-439

Branding: Give Your Small Business a Big Image
Storey Patricia L
Nov/Dec 2008
Pg. 537-538

Using Readily Available Technology to Start or Enhance Pharmacy-Based Immunization
Westrick Salisa C
, Felkey Bill G
Jul/Aug 2008
Pg. 334-337

Marketing for Your Community
Storey Patricia L
Jul/Aug 2008
Pg. 338-339

Developing a Niche Marketing Strategy
Storey Patricia L
May/Jun 2008
Pg. 242-243

Web 2.0 and Health 2.0: Are You In?
Felkey Bill G
May/Jun 2008
Pg. 244-246

Newsletters: An Essential Marketing Tool
Storey Patricia L
Mar/Apr 2008
Pg. 128-129

PostScription: Accreditation by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board: Raising the Bar for Patient Care
Murry Tom
Mar/Apr 2008
Pg. 174-175

Websites: Keeping Current in 2008
Storey Patricia L
Jan/Feb 2008
Pg. 48-49

PostScription: Consumer Options for Disposal of Unused Medications
Vail Jane
Jan/Feb 2008
Pg. 87

Standard Operating Procedure: Complaint and Mishap Rectification
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2007
Pg. 414-415

Book Review: The Rexall Story: A History of Genius and Neglect
Grajeda Betty Jo
Jul/Aug 2007
Pg. 300

PostScription: IJPC—More Than a Journal
Jan/Feb 2007
Pg. 88

Specialty Compounding for Improved Patient Care: A National Survey of Compounding Pharmacists
Huffman DC
, Holmes Erin R
Nov/Dec 2006
Pg. 462-468

PreScription: Certification and Accreditation
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2006
Pg. 322

What are You Willing to Do?
Moore Renee
Jul/Aug 2006
Pg. 287

The Role of Drug Promotion in the Prescription of Hormone Replacement Therapy in the United States
Stephenson Kenna
, Jones William, Stephenson Douglas M M
May/Jun 2006
Pg. 175-183

Quick Tips for Managing Market Directors
Baker Lisa M
May/Jun 2006
Pg. 201

PreScription: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease!
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2006
Pg. 82

How'd They Do That?
Roberts Jerrod L
Jan/Feb 2006
Pg. 46-49

Marketing Your Business for Success
Waddill Russell A
Nov/Dec 2005
Pg. 445-447

What Customers Want
Roberts Jerrod L
May/Jun 2005
Pg. 213-214

Communication Makes It or Breaks It
Roberts Jerrod L
Mar/Apr 2005
Pg. 133-134

The Marketing Equation Your Ad Man Doesn't Want You to Know: How to Double Your Bottom Line without Spending an Extra Dime
Wills Daniel
Jan/Feb 2005
Pg. 37-38

Moore Renee
Nov/Dec 2004
Pg. 496

A Foot in the Door: Marketing Tips - Dealing With Personalities
Moore Renee
Sep/Oct 2004
Pg. 373-375

Case Reports: Their Impact
Wynn Tom
, Thompson Chad
Jul/Aug 2004
Pg. 266

A Foot in the Door: Building Relationships Builds Your Business
Baron Janet
May/Jun 2004
Pg. 197-199

Profile of a Practice: Stephen J. Newton, RPh, and PharmaTech Services, Inc., Avon, Colo.
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2004
Pg. 107-109

Detailing Your Compounding Specialty Practice - Part 2: The Presentation
Barnett Candace W
, Jackson Richard A, Letendre William R
Mar/Apr 2004
Pg. 113-119

Financially Speaking: Business Continuation Planning
Fogarty Frederick C
Mar/Apr 2004
Pg. 120-121

Detailing Your Compounding Specialty Practice: Part 1 - Prospecting, Preapproach and Approach
Barnett Candace W
, Jackson Richard A, Letendre William R
Jan/Feb 2004
Pg. 31-34

A Foot in the Door: Marketing Tips
Jackson Kathy
Nov/Dec 2003
Pg. 454-456

How To Perform a Study in Your Pharmacy with Little or No Effort
Reed-Kane Dana
May/Jun 2002
Pg. 186-187

Developing a Successful Compounding Business in a Small Town
Svoboda Angie
Mar/Apr 2002
Pg. 108-110

A Guide to Effective Media Relations
Walker Jennifer Klein
Mar/Apr 2002
Pg. 111-112

High-tech Marketing Techniques
Gonzalez Mark A
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 420-421

Formulations for Success, Part 2
Vail Jane
Jul/Aug 2001
Pg. 287-289

Motivation and Management: How to Build Your Business into the Job You Love
Beard Janet
May/Jun 2001
Pg. 166-169

Pricing Strategies
Roberts Jerrod L
May/Jun 2001
Pg. 180-181

Pediatric Compounding: Coloring Outside the Lines
Preckshot John
Jan/Feb 2001
Pg. 6-8

Marketing Your Prescription Compounding Practice: Part Three
Letendre William R
, Jackson Richard A
May/Jun 2000
Pg. 199-202

Marketing Your Prescription Compounding Practice: Part Two
Letendre William R
, Jackson Richard A
Mar/Apr 2000
Pg. 115-117

Marketing Your Prescription Compounding Practice: Part One
Letendre William R
, Jackson Richard A
Jan/Feb 2000
Pg. 36-38

Marketing Tip: Marketing Reps Can Help
Capps Shelly
Jan/Feb 2000
Pg. 39

Marketing Tip: Flavors: Target Marketing to Doctors and Patients
Capps Shelly
Nov/Dec 1999
Pg. 454

Independent Pharmacists Score High with Consumers
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 1999
Pg. 457

Planning and Marketing a Natural HRT Patient Seminar
Trent Kerry Cunningham
Sep/Oct 1999
Pg. 360-361

Marketing Tip: Collaboration Can Result in More Cost-Effective Seminars
Capps Shelly
Sep/Oct 1999
Pg. 362-363

Marketing Tip: PR Can Help with Image Change and Geographic Expansion
Capps Shelly
Jul/Aug 1999
Pg. 277

Marketing Tip: Teachable Moments: A Simple Concept
Reed-Kane Dana
, Capps Shelly
May/Jun 1999
Pg. 199

Marketing Tip: Locator Maps
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 1999
Pg. 127

HRT Marketing Tip
Jan/Feb 1999
Pg. 37

Essential Truths About HRT
Everett Lisa
, Everett Eric
Jan/Feb 1998
Pg. 10-11

Interview on HRT: Christiane Northrup, MD, FACOG
Allen Loyd V Jr
, Northrup Christiane
Jan/Feb 1998
Pg. 12-17

HRT and the Continuing Education of Health Care Professionals
Boomsma Diane
Jan/Feb 1998
Pg. 18-19

Marketing to Veterinarians - Field Notes
Davis Jeanie Lerche
Jul/Aug 1997
Pg. 236-240

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