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Technology Articles
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PreScription: Changes Are Coming!
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2023
Pg. 444

PreScription: Data Security/Breaches: What is the Effect on Pharmacies?
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2023
Pg. 356

Basics of Compounding: Compounding Foams
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2023
Pg. 386-395

Extending Practical (In Use) Shelf Life of Oncology Drug Vials Using Spikes
de Wilde Sofieke
, Crul Mirjam, Breukels Oscar
Mar/Apr 2023
Pg. 154-159

Advanced Compounding: Compounding with Microneedle Arrays, Part 3: Microneedle Array Development in the Literature and Quality Control of Microneedle Arrays
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2023
Pg. 30-37

Compounding with Biotechnology Products, Part 2: Product-specific Considerations
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2022
Pg. 446-466

Pharmacogenomics as a Competitive Strategy for Compounding Pharmacies
Maham Nicole Y
Nov/Dec 2022
Pg. 474-479

Compounding with Microneedle Arrays, Part 2: Preparation and Administration Methods
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2022
Pg. 490-495

PreScription: A New Dosage Form
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2022
Pg. 356

Hazardous Drug Enteral Device: A Closed System Device for Crushing and Dispersing Hazardous Drug Tablets for Enteral Administration
Lopez C Vidal
, Rios GL Quito
Sep/Oct 2022
Pg. 358-362

Compounding with Biotechnology Products, Part 1: General Considerations
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2022
Pg. 385-395

Basics of Compounding: Compounding with Microneedle Arrays, Part 1: Introduction and Overview
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2022
Pg. 400-408

A Procedure for Tablet Production by Using the 3D Molding Technology and Powder Micromeritics Properties
Mady Omar
May/Jun 2022
Pg. 195-200

Sterile Basics of Compounding: Methods of Sterilization and Depyrogenation
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2022
Pg. 129-136

Comparison of Solvent Casting and Spray Casting Method on Compounding of an Orally Disintegrating Film Containing Amlodipine Besylate
Ruslan Mohamad Fariz Haiqal
, Janakiraman Ashok Kumar, Ming Long Chiau, Uddin ABM Helal, Sarker Zaidul Islam, Bin Liew Kai
Mar/Apr 2022
Pg. 155-162

Molding as Innovative Technology for Personalized Tablet Production
Mady Omar Y
, Al-Shoubki Adam A, Hagag Youssef, Ibrahim Bakry, Donia Ahmed A
Mar/Apr 2022
Pg. 163-174

Pharmacy Student Satisfaction and Perceptions Following a Virtual Sterile Compounding Experience
Mohammad Insaf
, Lobkovich Alison, Nardolillo Joseph, Wilhelm Shelia
Jan/Feb 2022
Pg. 10-17

Capsule Machine Validation
Al-Achi Antoine
, McGreggor Tysheon, Jaligama Shreelekha, Friday Kafi, Alyami Hussain
Jan/Feb 2022
Pg. 58-64

Evaluation of Closed-system Transfer Devices in Reducing Potential Risk for Surface Contamination Following Simulated Hazardous-drug Preparation and Compounding (Reprint)
Soefje Scott
, Rickabaugh Keith, Rajkumar Rahul, Wall Kathryn P
Jan/Feb 2022
Pg. 72-79

Compounding Robots for Intravenous Therapy in European Countries: A Review in 2020
Hecq Jean-Daniel
, Soumoy Laura
Nov/Dec 2021
Pg. 510-514

Evaluation of Closed-system Transfer Devices in Reducing Potential Risk for Surface Contamination Following Simulated Hazardous-drug Preparation and Compounding
Soefje Scott
, Rickabaugh Keith, Rajkumar Rahul, Wall Kathryn P
Nov/Dec 2021
Pg. 515-522

Efficacy of an Automated Robotic Cleaning Device for Compounding Pharmacies
Polonini Hudson
, Dijkers Eli CF, Ferreira Anderson O, da Silva Sharlene L, Araújo Paulo Victor C, Koulouridas Savvas
Sep/Oct 2020
Pg. 426-433

Single Center Experience with Robot Technologies for Sterile Compounding: A Retrospective Review
Milibari Loay
, Cotugno Michael, Belisle Caryn, Rocchio Megan, Patterson Robert F, Chacon Pablo, Fanikos John, Vo Peter
Jul/Aug 2020
Pg. 346-351

Primary Engineering Controls in Pharmaceutical Compounding, Part 2: Biosafety Cabinets
Mulder Kyle
Jan/Feb 2020
Pg. 7-12

Primary Engineering Controls in Pharmaceutical Compounding, Part 1: Unidirectional-airflow Workstations, Compounding Aseptic Isolators, and Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators
Mulder Kyle
Nov/Dec 2019
Pg. 447-452

Evaluation of Containment Ventilated Enclosure Performance in Absence of Negative Pressure Containment Secondary Engineering Control
Hutson Chad
, Day A J
Nov/Dec 2019
Pg. 511-518

PreScription: Temperatures by Degrees
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2019
Pg. 268

Mean Kinetic Temperature for Controlled Room Temperature Drug Storage: Official Definitions and Example Calculations
Newton David W
Jul/Aug 2019
Pg. 281-287

Evaluation of the Quality of Sterile Compounding Videos Available on the YouTube Video-sharing Website
Sluggett Janet K
, Johnson Michelle J, Zamani Mazdak, Kastango Eric S, Bodnar Mark, Cantor Peter, Hobbs Jodie G, Reynolds Karen J, Sluggett Andrew J
May/Jun 2019
Pg. 238-244

Towards the Importance of a Roller Mill in Compounding Practice: An Experimental Approach
Polonini Hudson
, Loures da Silva Sharlene, Batista Patrício Fernando, Fernandes Brandão Marcos Antônio, de Oliveira Ferreira Anderson
Mar/Apr 2019
Pg. 154-156

PreScription: The Cost of Information
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2019
Pg. 4

Current Trends and Emerging Priorities in Compounded Preparations for Children
Parrish Richard H II
Sep/Oct 2018
Pg. 358-366

Quality Control–Sterile Compounding: Analytical Methods. Density Determinations and Quality Control in Nonsterile and Sterile Compounding
Allen Loyd V Jr
May/Jun 2018
Pg. 206-217

Pharmacogenomics: Precision Pharmacy in 503A Compounding
Drummond Joseph
, Bennet Daron, Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2018
Pg. 95-107

Personalized Medicine and Customized Drug Delivery Systems: The New Trend of Drug Delivery and Disease Management
Soni Abhishek
, Gowthamarajan Kuppusamy, Radhakrishnan Arun
Mar/Apr 2018
Pg. 108-121

Orodispersible Films for Compounding Pharmacies
Ferreira Anderson O
, Brandão Marcos Antônio F, Raposo Francisco José, Polonini Hudson C, Raposo Nádia Rezende Barbosa
Nov/Dec 2017
Pg. 454-461

Basics of Compounding: Hot Melt Extrusion
DePasquale Seth
Nov/Dec 2017
Pg. 471-479

Quality Control: Bar Codes and Bar Code Scanners for Unit-Dose Medications in a Healthcare Setting
Medi-Dose Inc./EPS Inc.
Sep/Oct 2017
Pg. 384-387

Basics of Compounding: 3D Printing--Pharmacy Applications: Geometric Shape Effects on 3D Printing
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2017
Pg. 388-392

PreScription: Just Think About It!
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2017
Pg. 268

Change Is In the Air: What You Need to Know About Pharmacy Ventilation Under United States Pharmacopeia <800>
Laniewicz Cheryl
Jul/Aug 2017
Pg. 271-274

Basics of Compounding: 3D Printing: Pharmacy Applications, Part 3: Compounding, Formulation Considerations, and the Future
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2017
Pg. 293-298

Basics of Compounding: 3D Printing--Pharmacy Applications, Part 2
Allen Loyd V Jr
May/Jun 2017
Pg. 215-220

Basics of Compounding: 3D Printing--Pharmacy Applications, Part 1
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2017
Pg. 127-130

PreScription: Two Decades of IJPC
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2016
Pg. 444

Choosing a Vial Processing Line for Aseptic Compounding: Part 1
Noorian Shaun
, Vahedi Navid
Jul/Aug 2016
Pg. 283-292

Current Perspectives on the Syringe Delivery System
Akers Michael J
May/Jun 2016
Pg. 182-186

Topical Metered-dosing Dispenser Performance Evaluation
Liu Qiang
, Kupiec Thomas C, Vu Nicole T
May/Jun 2016
Pg. 239-246

Basic Principles of Lyophilization, Part 2
Akers Michael J
Jan/Feb 2016
Pg. 20-27

Mixing in a Compounding Pharmacy in the 21st Century
Standridge Rob
Nov/Dec 2015
Pg. 479-484

Sterile Filtration
Akers Michael J
Sep/Oct 2015
Pg. 393-401

Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Pharmacogenomics and Pharmaceutical Compounding, Part 2
Allen Loyd V
Jul/Aug 2015
Pg. 280-287

Basics of Sterile Compounding: Barrier Isolator Technologist in Aseptic Processing
Akers Michael J
Jul/Aug 2015
Pg. 315-320

Development and Validation of an Inexpensive, Simple, and Rapid Technique for Measuring the Accuracy of Extemporaneously Compounded Pharmaceuticals
Meek Claudia
, Rothardt Andrew, Evans Jason, Thurman Rosanne, Ashworth Lisa, Leff Richard
Jul/Aug 2015
Pg. 340-343

Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and Pharmacogenomics and Pharmaceutical Compounding, Part 1
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2015
Pg. 38-40

Quality Control Analytical Methods: Refractive Index
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2015
Pg. 43-47

Depyrogenation Options for the Compounding Cleanroom
Weller Tom
, Bell Jeff, Dullinger Roger, Allen Vern, Anthenat Bruce
Nov/Dec 2014
Pg. 446-454

Marketing: Using Facebook to Market Your Compounding Pharmacy
Moore Renee
Nov/Dec 2014
Pg. 490-491

Roboticized Compounding of Oncology Drugs in a Hospital Pharmacy
Palma Elisabetta
, Bufarini Celestino
Sep/Oct 2014
Pg. 358-364

Vial Washers for the Compounding Pharmacy: Ensuring Preparation Safety
Johnson Kain
, Sully Andrew, Anthenat Bruce
Jul/Aug 2014
Pg. 270-276

Marketing: Effective Use of Advertisements on Your Website
Moore Renee
May/Jun 2014
Pg. 210-211

A Needle-free Reconstitution and Transfer System for Compounded Sterile Intravenous Drug Solutions: In Compliance with United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <797> Standards
Marks Zach
Mar/Apr 2014
Pg. 94-99

E-Prescription Errors and Their Resolution in a Community Compounding Pharmacy
Reed-Kane Dana
, Vasquez Kellie, Pavlik Aaron, Pergine Johanna, Sandberg Michelle
Mar/Apr 2014
Pg. 159-161

PreScription: The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding Begins Its 18th Year
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2014
Pg. 4

E-Prescribing Errors Identified in a Compounding Pharmacy: A Quality-improvement Project
Reed-Kane Dana
, Kittell Katrina, Adkins Jacquelyn, Flocks Sarah, Nguyen Thu
Jan/Feb 2014
Pg. 83-86

PreScription: Two Milestones for the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2013
Pg. 444

PostScription: Augmented Reality for Readers and Authors
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2013
Pg. 526-527

Jet Injection Devices for the Needle-free Administration of Compounds, Vaccines, and Other Agents
Logomasini Mark A
, Stout Richard R, Ron Marcinkoski
Jul/Aug 2013
Pg. 270-280

Decontamination Technology: The Missing Element
Rahe Hank
May/Jun 2013
Pg. 193-199

Sterilization of Compounded Parenteral Products: Verification of Autoclaves
Rahe Hank
Mar/Apr 2013
Pg. 94-98

Intravenous Needle-free Injection Devices: New Information for Compounding Pharmacists
Macklin Denise
, Blackburn Paul L
Mar/Apr 2013
Pg. 100-110

Compounding Slow-release Capsules: A Comprehensive Review and an Excel Spreadsheet for Faster Calculation of Excipients
Zur Eyal
Jan/Feb 2013
Pg. 10-22

Quality Control: Glassware Washers: Cleaning Glassware and Implements Used in Compounding, Part 2
James Kate
, Van Houtte Olivier, Ruriani Deborah, Nolan Odette, Corbetti Reto
Sep/Oct 2012
Pg. 396-403

Use of a Closed-system Drug Transfer Device (PhaSeal) and Impact on Preparation Time
Sanchez-Rubio Ferrandez J
, Lozano M C, Iglesias I, Sanchez-Rubio Ferrandez L, Rodriguez Vargas B, Moreno Diaz R
Sep/Oct 2012
Pg. 431-433

Marketing: 16 Ways to Incorporate Facebook into Your Compounding Pharmacy
Moore Renee
May/Jun 2012
Pg. 224-225

Compounding and Dispensing Errors Before and After Implementing Barcode Technology in a Nuclear Pharmacy
Galbraith Wendy
, Shadid Jill
May/Jun 2012
Pg. 253-256

Development of a Standardized Intranet Database of Formulation Records for Nonsterile Compounding, Part 2
Haile Michael
, Anderson Kim, Evans Alex, Crawford Angela
Mar/Apr 2012
Pg. 104-109

Quality Control: 5 Steps to Improve Quality in the Compounding Lab
Zolner William J
Mar/Apr 2012
Pg. 136-144

Quality Control: Undecided About Buying an In-House Water Purification System? Pros, Cons, and Caveats That May Provide the Answers You Need
Mixon William
, Fox Samantha, Barnes Danny, Stuart William, Betlach Verne, Hall Richard M, Biller Jeremy, Kelly Russ, Janik Peter, Purcell Julian
Nov/Dec 2011
Pg. 480-487

Quality-Control Analytical Methods: Aqua Pura: Water Purification Systems and United States Pharmacopeia Waters for the Compounding Pharmacy, Part 3: Testimonials and Comparisons
James Kate
, Allred Richard, Latta Kenneth S, McElhiney Linda F, Olson Jacob, Hall Richard M, Baker Chad, Armstrong Nicholas, Janik Peter, Whitehead Paul, Purcell Julian
Sep/Oct 2011
Pg. 390-407

Quality-Control Analytical Methods: Using Purified Water for Reconstitutions
Biller Jeremy
Jul/Aug 2011
Pg. 322-326

Quality Control Analytical Methods: Aqua Pura: Water Purification Systems and United States Pharmacopeia Waters for the Compounding Pharmacy, Part 2: USP Waters: Experts at the United States Pharmacopeia Answer Compounders' Questions
Schnatz Rick
, Hernandex-Cardoso Antonio
May/Jun 2011
Pg. 224-232

Home Infusion Basics for the Non-Infusion Pharmacist
Miron Karen E
Mar/Apr 2011
Pg. 94-100

Quality Control Analytical Methods: Aqua Pura: Water Purification Systems and United States Pharmacopeia Waters for the Compounding Pharmacy, Part 1
Latta Kenneth S
, Cabaleiro Joe, Whitehead Paul, Edison Doug
Mar/Apr 2011
Pg. 133-144

PreScription: The Resources of the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, Inc.; Sterile Compounding Meets Needs for Patients, Professionals
Allen Loyd V Jr
, Menighan Thomas E
Jan/Feb 2011
Pg. 4

A Technology Guide for Evaluating Software Tools to Support Sterile Compounding and Workflow Management
Robinson Marian
Jan/Feb 2011
Pg. 20-26

Barrier Isolator/Glovebox Glove Dexterity Study
Park Young H
, Pines E, Cournoyer M E
Nov/Dec 2010
Pg. 526-530

Development of a Standardized Intranet Database of Formulation Records for Nonsterile Compounding, Part 1
Evans Alex
, Haile Michael, Anderson Kim
Sep/Oct 2010
Pg. 401-405

Inventory Information Approval System Certification and Flexible Spending Account Purchases: A New Year Brings Changes
Shuey Brandon
, Williams LaVonn A
Mar/Apr 2010
Pg. 124-128

Basics of Compounding: Considerations for Implementing United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding--Sterile Preparations, Part 18: Verification of Automated Compounding Devices for Parenteral Nutrition Compounding and Finished Preparation Release Checks and Tests
Allen Loyd V Jr
, Okeke Claudia C
Mar/Apr 2010
Pg. 142-149

Optimizing Your Website: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing
Storey Patricia L
Jul/Aug 2009
Pg. 311-312

Quality-Control Analytical Methods: Pharmaceutical and Analytical Considerations of the Significance of pH
Vu Nicole
, Miller Misty
May/Jun 2009
Pg. 230-232

PreScription: Electronic Prescribing
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2009
Pg. 92

Blogging for Business
Storey Patricia L
Mar/Apr 2009
Pg. 141-143

Incorporating Web Communication to Maximize Staff Productivity in a Compounding Pharmacy
Felkey Bill G
Mar/Apr 2009
Pg. 138-140

Technology for the Compounding Pharmacy: Digital Pens--Tools or Toys?
Felkey Bill G
Jan/Feb 2009
Pg. 50-52

The Value of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in a Small Hospital Compounding Unit to Control the Risks Associated with Raw Materials
Storme-Paris Isabelle
, Storme Thomas, Thauvin Maxime, Brion Francoise, Chaminade Pierre, Rieutord Andre
Jan/Feb 2009
Pg. 81-86

Technology for the Patient-Centric Pharmacy
Felkey Bill G
Sep/Oct 2008
Pg. 434-437

Using Readily Available Technology to Start or Enhance Pharmacy-Based Immunization
Westrick Salisa C
, Felkey Bill G
Jul/Aug 2008
Pg. 334-337

Microbial Air-Sampling Equipment, Part 1: Meeting United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <797> Standards
Kastango Eric S
May/Jun 2008
Pg. 216-229

Web 2.0 and Health 2.0: Are You In?
Felkey Bill G
May/Jun 2008
Pg. 244-246

Pharmaceutical Development of Enteric-Release Hard Gelatin Capsules in the Compounding Setting
de Oliveira Ferreira Anderson
, Holandino Carla
Mar/Apr 2008
Pg. 163-169

Websites: Keeping Current in 2008
Storey Patricia L
Jan/Feb 2008
Pg. 48-49

PreScription: Thoughts on Technology and Pharmacy
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2007
Pg. 442

The Internet on Steroids: How Connected is Your Pharmacy?
Felkey Bill G
Nov/Dec 2007
Pg. 445-448

The Internet and Its Websites: Your New Business Partner
Williams LaVonn A
, Mehlhaff Deborah K
Nov/Dec 2007
Pg. 472-475

Quality-Control Analytical Methods: In-House Quality Control of Simple Compounds
Trusley Craig
Nov/Dec 2007
Pg. 487-490

Information Resources and Software for the Hospital Compounding Pharmacist
McElhiney Linda F
Jan/Feb 2007
Pg. 36-41

Pharmacogenomics: The End of Trial-and-Error Medicine?
Vail Jane
Jan/Feb 2007
Pg. 59-65

BioBullet: Innovative Pharmaceutical Compounding for Treating Cattle
Benischek Rita L
Nov/Dec 2006
Pg. 428-433

Validation Study of the Unguator, an Apparatus for Compounding Dermatological Preparations
Piette Marie
, Stassen Thibaut, Kinget Renaat, Delattre Luc
Nov/Dec 2006
Pg. 469-477

PostScription: Moving Pharmacy Compounding into the 21st Century and Beyond
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2006
Pg. 400

Innovations in Compounding: Integrated Barcode System Verifies Chemical Identity, Weight
Vail Jane
Jul/Aug 2006
Pg. 291-292

Standard Operating Procedure: Testing of Water Supply: Barnstead D4751 High Purity Water System
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2006
Pg. 296-297

Controlled Environment Testing Association Applications Guide for the Use of Barrier Isolators in Compounding Sterile Preparations in Healthcare Facilities, Part 2
Wagner James T
May/Jun 2006
Pg. 208-211

Wise Buys: Choosing the Right Software for a Compounding Pharmacy
Vail Jane
May/Jun 2006
Pg. 213-216

Compounding Pharmacy: The Past Decade, Part 2 -- Equipment Advances
Kuntz Rachael
Mar/Apr 2006
Pg. 86-87

Technology Update: An Overview of PDA-based Software Applications for Practicing Pharmacists
Khandelwal Kikhil G
, Felkey Bill G
Sep/Oct 2005
Pg. 369-378

PostScription: Searching for Barrier Isolator Information?
Fink Carl
, Newman John
Sep/Oct 2005
Pg. 407-408

Local Ventilation for Safe Containment in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Walters Douglas B
, Ryan Ray
Jul/Aug 2005
Pg. 293-298

Considerations for Choosing a Primary Engineering Control for Compounding Sterile Products
Wagner James T
Jul/Aug 2005
Pg. 284-290

Basics of Pharmacogenomics for the Compounding Pharmacist
Kupiec Thomas C
, Raj Vishnu
Jul/Aug 2005
Pg. 303-306

Using ACDs in the Practice of Pharmacy
Kastango Eric S
Jan/Feb 2005
Pg. 15-21

A Dialogue Concerning Contamination Control Systems: Where Does the Isolator Fit In?
Vandenbroucke Johan
, Rahe Hank
Jan/Feb 2005
Pg. 33-35

Barrier Isolators, Isolators, and Glove Boxes--What's the Difference?
Rahe Hank
Jan/Feb 2005
Pg. 53-56

PostScription: Pharmacy, Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Practice
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2005
Pg. 88

Cleaning of Isolators: A Vital Part of a Contamination Control Program
Rossington Karen
Nov/Dec 2004
Pg. 452-456

Automatic Dishwashers and Detergents in the Pharmacy: The Basics
Cabaleiro Joe
May/Jun 2004
Pg. 200-202

An Excel Spreadsheet for Estimating Sodium-Chloride Equivalents for Drugs
Monnot Chris L
Mar/Apr 2004
Pg. 123-125

Rapid-Dissolve Technology: An Interview With Loyd V. Allen, Jr., PhD, RPh
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2003
Pg. 449-450

Technology Spotlight: Automated Prescription-Dispensing Systems
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2003
Pg. 458-459

Technology Spotlight: Respiratory Vial Sealers
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2003
Pg. 364-365

Technology Spotlight: A USP-Grade Water System
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2003
Pg. 286

Tosh Erik
May/Jun 2003
Pg. 193-194

Software for the Compounding Pharmacist: An Update
Mason Dave
May/Jun 2003
Pg. 197-205

Technology Spotlight: Tube Sealers
Jones Michael
, Adams Susan
May/Jun 2003
Pg. 206-207

Barcode System and Computerized Balance Speed Compounding and Enhance Accuracy
Cabaleiro Joe
Mar/Apr 2003
Pg. 118-119

Technology Spotlight: Electronic Balances with Printer and Draft Shield
Wesolowski Paul
Mar/Apr 2003
Pg. 120-123

Technology Spotlight: Barrier Isolators
Moussa Magdy
, Rahe Hank, Lo Katharine
Jan/Feb 2003
Pg. 42-43

Postcription: Future Trends in High Technology Pharmaceutical Compounding
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2003
Pg. 80

Technology Spotlight: Liquid-Filling Machines
Braverman Bob
, Northcutt Kyle
Nov/Dec 2002
Pg. 439-440

Technology Spotlight: Electric Mixing Machines
Schneider Gary
May/Jun 2002
Pg. 188

Technology Spotlight: Waring Blenders
Rains Joe
, Casalino Larry
Mar/Apr 2002
Pg. 114

Technology Spotlight: Capsule-Filling Machines
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2002
Pg. 31

Basics of Compounding Biotechnologic Preparations
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2002
Pg. 34-37

High-tech Compounding: State-of-the-art Equipment Improves Products and Profit
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 412-419

High-tech Rx Compliance
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 419

High-tech Marketing Techniques
Gonzalez Mark A
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 420-421

Barrier Isolators: A New, High-tech Option for the Preparation of Sterile Admixtures
Karolchyk Scott
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 422-423

Nanotechnology: The Ultimate Alchemy
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 424-425

Future Trends in High-technology Pharmacy Compounding
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 426

Using Technology to Enhance the Practice of Pharmacy
Fox Brent L
, Felkey Bill G
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 427-429

Tips for Preventing Viruses…
Capps Lale
Nov/Dec 2001
Pg. 430-433

Software for the Compounding Pharmacist: A Review
Capps Shelly
May/Jun 2001
Pg. 187-189

Equipment for Large-Volume Aseptic Veterinary Compounding
Ahl Harvey
Mar/Apr 2001
Pg. 106

Compounding Software: An Evaluation
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2000
Pg. 32-35

Closing in on 2000: Your Y2K Report
Davis Jeanie Lerche
Sep/Oct 1999
Pg. 371-374

Personal Computing: Take Care When Choosing a Computer Consultant
Goldsborough Reid
Mar/Apr 1999
Pg. 122-123

Audit Problems for Compounding Pharmacies
Heckman H Edward
Jan/Feb 1999
Pg. 36-37

Computer Technology in the Compounding Pharmacy, The Use of
Sallengs Dave
May/Jun 1997
Pg. 162-164

The Ten Basic Steps in Filling a Prescription: Then and Now
Stiles M Lou
, Todd Judy, Rankin Melody, Settle Holly, Hudson James
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 14-17

Suppository Displacement Factor
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 39

Rule of Sixes for Filling Hard-Shell Gelatin Capsules
Nash Robert A
Jan/Feb 1997
Pg. 40-41

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