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Pharmacy Business Articles
Title (Click for Abstract / Details) Author Issue Page View/Buy
Pharmacogenomics as a Competitive Strategy for Compounding Pharmacies Maham Nicole Y Nov/Dec 2022 474-479 Buy
It's Time for a New Philosophy Brunner Scott Sep/Oct 2021 386-387 Buy
Growing a Compounding Practice: Successful Marketing to Underserved Populations McKettrick Greg, Yoch Doug Jul/Aug 2021 270-274 Buy
PreScription: The Ethical Pharmacist Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2021 180 Buy
Insurance Considerations for the Pharmacy Professional Jones Kirsten May/Jun 2021 190-195 Buy
PreScription: The NASEM cBHT Report, Part 1 Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2020 444 Buy
Performing a United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <800> Compliant Assessment of Risk Cabaleiro Joe Jan/Feb 2020 21-27 Buy
Intravenous Admixture Preparation Considerations, Part 1: Overview of Series on Personnel Selection for Intravenous Admixture Compounding Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2019 478-482 Buy
PreScription: Honesty/Ethics in Professions: The Gallup Polls Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2019 180 Buy
Can We Fix It? Brunner Scott May/Jun 2019 208-209 Buy
Compounding from a Pharmacy Student's Perspective: Staying Competitive as a Compounding Pharmacy Waldschmidt Ryan Nov/Dec 2018 471-473 Buy
Quality Assurance and Quality Control: Being Prepared for U.S. Food and Drug Administration Inspections and Staying in Compliance with United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <797>: Part 1 Martin Matt Sep/Oct 2018 401-404 Buy
Compounding from a Pharmacy Student's Perspective Gochenauer Alexandria Jul/Aug 2018 281-283 Buy
Your Presence is Needed at Compounders on Capitol Hill! Blankenship Cynthia May/Jun 2018 204-205 Buy
Pharmacogenomics: Precision Pharmacy in 503A Compounding Drummond Joseph, Bennet Daron, Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2018 95-107 Buy
Certification, Accreditation, and Credentialing for 503A Compounding Pharmacies Pritchett Jon, McCrory Gary, Kraemer Cheri, Jensen Brenda, Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2018 7-16 Buy
Quality Control: Bar Codes and Bar Code Scanners for Unit-Dose Medications in a Healthcare Setting Medi-Dose Inc./EPS Inc. Sep/Oct 2017 384-387 Buy
PreScription: Just Think About It! Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2017 268 Buy
PreScription: United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <800> Comments and Alternatives Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2017 180 Buy
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Legislative/Regulatory Update Rice Baylor May/Jun 2017 212-213 Buy
PreScription: Compounding Pharmacy Issues for 2017 Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2017 4 Buy
Why Become Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board Accredited? Dillon L Rad Nov/Dec 2016 469-474 Buy
Choosing a Vial Processing Line for Aseptic Compounding: Part 1 Noorian Shaun, Vahedi Navid Jul/Aug 2016 283-292 Buy
Basics of Sterile Compounding: Personnel Requirements for Sterile Compounding Akers Michael J Jul/Aug 2016 307-314 Buy
Pharmaceutical Compounding in Portuguese Community Pharmacies: Characterization and Future Perspectives Palmeira-de-Oliveira Rita, Macedo Marina, Machado Rita M, Pacheco Ana Filipa, Palmeira-de-Oliveira Ana, Martinez-de-Oliveira José, Duarte Paulo Mar/Apr 2016 114-122 Buy
PostScription: The Home Field Advantage Cabaleiro Joe Jan/Feb 2016 86-87 Buy
Pharmacists' Perceptions of the Economic Value of Compounded Pharmaceuticals: A Comparison of Compounded and Commercial Pharmaceuticals in Select Disease States Lobb William B, Wilkin Noel E, Holmes Erin R Nov/Dec 2015 514-520 Buy
The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Comments to the Draft Memorandum of Understanding Miller David G Sep/Oct 2015 375 Buy
The Evolution of 21 CFR Parts 210 & 211 for Drug Compounders: An Unspoken Opportunity for Pharmacists Parks Kenneth Chase, Bernard Brian, Cogdill Christopher Blake Sep/Oct 2015 377-380 Buy
Giving Back: A Win-Win Plan of Action for Compounding Pharmacists Rudner Shara Jan/Feb 2015 14-17 Buy
Basics of Compounding: Tips and Hints, Part 6: Prescription Evaluation, Calculations, Ingredients, Quality-Assurance Practices, Patient Counseling, Shipping and Distribution, Miscellaneous Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2014 486-488 Buy
PreScription: Challenging Times Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2014 268 Buy
Effective Advertisements Moore Renee Mar/Apr 2014 120-121 Buy
Marketing Moore Renee Jan/Feb 2014 38 Buy
PostScription: Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Compounding Pharmacists: Billing for Services Lees Deril J Jan/Feb 2014 87 Buy
Compounding Pharmacies: Before and After an Inspection Kulkarni Darshan, Ricketts Samantha Sep/Oct 2013 358-362 Buy
Quality Control Analytic Methods: Quality Planning, Part 1: A Holistic and Practical Approach Odegard Russell D Sep/Oct 2013 393-399 Buy
Patient-centered Care as Value-added Service by Compounding Pharmacists McPherson Timothy B, Fontane Patrick E, Day Jonathan R Jul/Aug 2013 339-343 Buy
PreScription: Compounding for Drug Shortages Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2013 180 Buy
Optimizing Third-party Reimbursement for Compounded Medications McElhiney Linda F May/Jun 2013 201-204 Buy
PostScription: The Pharmacist's Role in the Treatment of Cancer: A Personal Plea and Testimonial Williams LaVonn A May/Jun 2013 262-263 Buy
PreScription: Pharmacy Committees Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2013 92 Buy
Basics of Compounding: Implementing United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <1163> Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Compounding, Part 5: Outsourcing and Responsible Personnel Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2012 490-496 Buy
Okay, I've Got It: Now What Do I Do With It? Moore Renee Jul/Aug 2012 310-311 Buy
Marketing: 16 Ways to Incorporate Facebook into Your Compounding Pharmacy Moore Renee May/Jun 2012 224-225 Buy
Trade Shows: Planning Your Strategy Moore Renee Mar/Apr 2012 134 Buy
Quality Control: Undecided About Buying an In-House Water Purification System? Pros, Cons, and Caveats That May Provide the Answers You Need Mixon William, Fox Samantha, Barnes Danny, Stuart William, Betlach Verne, Hall Richard M, Biller Jeremy, Kelly Russ, Janik Peter, Purcell Julian Nov/Dec 2011 480-487 Buy
PreScription: Third-party Inequities and Discrimination Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2011 356 Buy
7 Marketing Tactics That Don't Work Moore Renee Sep/Oct 2011 388-389 Buy
PreScription: Greed Does Not Pay! Makena, Lucentis, and Others Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2011 180 Buy
PreScription: Making Things Right--Or Not? Menighan Thomas E May/Jun 2011 180 Buy
Seven Marketing Tactics That Don't Work Moore Renee Mar/Apr 2011 130-131 Buy
Home Infusion 101 Williams LaVonn A Jan/Feb 2011 6-10 Buy
A Technology Guide for Evaluating Software Tools to Support Sterile Compounding and Workflow Management Robinson Marian Jan/Feb 2011 20-26 Buy
PostScription: Profile of a Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board–Accredited Pharmacy: Vital Care of Meridian Wheat Harry III Jan/Feb 2011 86-87 Buy
Home Infusion: Overcoming the Barriers to Entry Franklin David M Nov/Dec 2010 450-455 Buy
PostScription: Profile of a Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board Accredited Pharmacy: Avera Doctors Plaza 2 Pharmacy Hoffman Karen Nov/Dec 2010 531 Buy
Quality Control Analytical Methods: Continuous Quality Improvement Odegard Russell D May/Jun 2010 218-221 Buy
Owning an In-Network Pharmacy and a Second Out-of-Network Pharmacy that Performs Compounding: Suggestions on How to Avoid Being Terminated from the Pharmacy Benefits Manager Network Levitt Jonathan E, Mizeski Todd Mar/Apr 2010 134 Buy
Inventory Information Approval System Certification and Flexible Spending Account Purchases: A New Year Brings Changes Shuey Brandon, Williams LaVonn A Mar/Apr 2010 124-128 Buy
Compounding Solutions for Exotic and Nondomesticated Fauna in Australia: An Investigative Study Haywood Alison, Bolitho Richard, Gusti Kane, Yim Crystal, Testa Chris, Hattingh Laetitia Sep/Oct 2009 440-444 Buy
Preventing Nonmicrobiologic Airborne Contamination in the Compounding Pharmacy: Ensuring a Safe Environment for Compounders, Staff, and Clients Mixon Bill, Ille Gary Jul/Aug 2009 290-294 Buy
Quality-Control Analytical Methods: Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Quality Improvement--What is the Difference and Why Should Compounding Pharmacies Care? Cabaleiro Joe Jul/Aug 2009 318-320 Buy
PostScription: Compounding in Israel Zur Eyal May/Jun 2009 262-263 Buy
PreScription: A Good Name: Pharmacy Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2009 180 Buy
Tips for Cleanroom Construction and Renovation Mixon William, Huffman Lanny Mar/Apr 2009 100-104 Buy
Contract Sterilization and Validation Companies Offer New Options for Sterile Compounded Preparations Latta Kenneth S, Howard Betty, Gordon Ken, Foster Lisa, Nichols Larry, Floyd Dan B, Winters Martell, Bryans Trabue Mar/Apr 2009 106-119 Buy
Blogging for Business Storey Patricia L Mar/Apr 2009 141-143 Buy
Incorporating Web Communication to Maximize Staff Productivity in a Compounding Pharmacy Felkey Bill G Mar/Apr 2009 138-140 Buy
Technology for the Compounding Pharmacy: Digital Pens--Tools or Toys? Felkey Bill G Jan/Feb 2009 50-52 Buy
PreScription: Compounding Around the World Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2008 382 Buy
Medication Therapy Management Implementation, Part 2: Study Methodologies, Barriers, and Recommendations to Overcome Barriers Fyke Jeremy P, Yale Robert N, Corbett Corinne, Litera Natalie Sep/Oct 2008 414-418 Buy
Insurance for the Compounding Pharmacy Business, Part 1: Who Is Covered? Baker Kenneth R Sep/Oct 2008 420-424 Buy
Obtaining Accreditation by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, Part 4L Tips for "Last Minute" Preparations Cabaleiro Joe Sep/Oct 2008 432-433 Buy
Technology for the Patient-Centric Pharmacy Felkey Bill G Sep/Oct 2008 434-437 Buy
Prescription: Is "Globalization" a Good Idea? Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2008 474 Buy
Insurance for the Compounding Pharmacy Business, Part 2: What, When, and Where Baker Kenneth R Nov/Dec 2008 514-523 Buy
Branding: Give Your Small Business a Big Image Storey Patricia L Nov/Dec 2008 537-538 Buy
Web 2.0 and Health 2.0: Are You In? Felkey Bill G May/Jun 2008 244-246 Buy
Newsletters: An Essential Marketing Tool Storey Patricia L Mar/Apr 2008 128-129 Buy
PostScription: Accreditation by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board: Raising the Bar for Patient Care Murry Tom Mar/Apr 2008 174-175 Buy
Websites: Keeping Current in 2008 Storey Patricia L Jan/Feb 2008 48-49 Buy
Standard Operating Procedure: Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2008 63 Buy
Specialty Compounding for Improved Patient Care: 2006 National Survey of Compounding Pharmacists Huffman DC, Holmes Erin R Jan/Feb 2008 74-82 Buy
The Internet and Its Websites: Your New Business Partner Williams LaVonn A, Mehlhaff Deborah K Nov/Dec 2007 472-475 Buy
The Whales: A Pharmacist's Story Wills William R Sep/Oct 2007 376-383 Buy
Standard Operating Procedure: Complaint and Mishap Rectification Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2007 414-415 Buy
Premarin: The Intriguing History of a Controversial Drug Vance Dwight A Jul/Aug 2007 282-286 Buy
Book Review: The Rexall Story: A History of Genius and Neglect Grajeda Betty Jo Jul/Aug 2007 300 Buy
The Politics of Hormone Replacement Therapy Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2007 278-281 Buy
Records and Record-Keeping for the Hospital Compounding Pharmacist McElhiney Linda F Mar/Apr 2007 138-143 Buy
Information Resources and Software for the Hospital Compounding Pharmacist McElhiney Linda F Jan/Feb 2007 36-41 Buy
Basics of Compounding for Hazardous Drugs, Part 3: Safe Handling and Personal Protection Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2007 50-51 Buy
Compounding In Crisis:The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Vail Jane Jan/Feb 2007 28-35 Buy
Collaborative Drug Therapy Management and its Application to Pharmaceutical Compounding Anderson Derick Jan/Feb 2007 56-58 Buy
Calculations Stockton Shelly J Jan/Feb 2007 68 Buy
PostScription: IJPC—More Than a Journal Jan/Feb 2007 88 Buy
Specialty Compounding for Improved Patient Care: A National Survey of Compounding Pharmacists Huffman DC, Holmes Erin R Nov/Dec 2006 462-468 Buy
Education, Training, and Evaluation of Hospital Compounding Personnel McElhiney Linda F Sep/Oct 2006 361-368 Buy
Basics of Compounding for Hazardous Drugs, Part 1: An Introduction Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2006 377-379 Buy
What are You Willing to Do? Moore Renee Jul/Aug 2006 287 Buy
Quick Tips for Managing Market Directors Baker Lisa M May/Jun 2006 201 Buy
PostScription: Tempted to Bill Compounds to Third-Party Cards? Don't Put Your Reimbursement or Contract at Risk! Mason Dave May/Jun 2006 240 Buy
PreScription: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease! Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2006 82 Buy
How'd They Do That? Roberts Jerrod L Jan/Feb 2006 46-49 Buy
Profile: The McGuff Companies, Part 2: Corporate Cooperation Supports Growth and Ensures Financial Success Vail Jane Jan/Feb 2006 50-55 Buy
Marketing Your Business for Success Waddill Russell A Nov/Dec 2005 445-447 Buy
Profile: The McGuff Companies. Part 1: Compounding and Manufacturing Share Facilities and Build Corporate Success Vail Jane Nov/Dec 2005 452-455 Buy
Back to the Basics of Business Waddill Russell A Sep/Oct 2005 380-381 Buy
Standard Operating Procedure: Employee Personnel Records Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2005 309 Buy
Book Reviews: When Change Is Your Company's Middle Name: The Professional's Guide to Understanding the Human Side of Business Transformation Reed-Kane Dana May/Jun 2005 173 Buy
Combating Cardiovascular Disease with Compounded Medications -- Part 2: Clinical and Compounding Issues for Antihypertensive Drugs Harrington Catherine A, Cauffield Jacintha May/Jun 2005 201-205 Buy
Book Review: Miracle Cure: How to Solve America's Health Care Crisis and Why Canada Isn't the Answer Reed-Kane Dana Mar/Apr 2005 93-94 Buy
Standard Operating Procedure: SOP Master Book--Maintenance Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2005 145 Buy
Communication Makes It or Breaks It Roberts Jerrod L Mar/Apr 2005 133-134 Buy
The Marketing Equation Your Ad Man Doesn't Want You to Know: How to Double Your Bottom Line without Spending an Extra Dime Wills Daniel Jan/Feb 2005 37-38 Buy
Defining Success Roberts Jerrod L Jan/Feb 2005 42-43 Buy
Book Review: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't Reed-Kane Dana Nov/Dec 2004 412-413 Buy
A Foot in the Door: Marketing Tips - Dealing With Personalities Moore Renee Sep/Oct 2004 373-375 Buy
Standard Operating Procedure: Pharmacy Computer System Access to and Maintenance of the Master Formula Records Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2004 381 Buy
PostScription: Your voice is important to the future of pharmacy Tosh Erik Sep/Oct 2004 407 Buy
PreScription - Categories of Pharmaceutial Compounding Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2004 242 Buy
A Primer on USP Chapter 797, "Pharmaceutical Compounding - Sterile Preparations," and USP Process for Drug and Practice Standards Newton David W, Trissel Lawrence A Jul/Aug 2004 251-263 Buy
Rationale for a Pharmacists' Pharmacopeia Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2004 285-287 Buy
PostScription: What is Evidence-Based Medicine? Ashworth Lisa D Jul/Aug 2004 320 Buy
Prescription - Pharmacy and the United States Pharmaceopeia-National Formulary - From the Editor Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2004 162 Buy
Book and Literature Reviews Reed-Kane Dana, Coffey Jack L, Foy Elizabeth, MacCara Mary E May/Jun 2004 164-167 Buy
Compounding in the Pharmacy Curriculum: Beyond the Basics Hinkle Amanda R, Newton Gail D May/Jun 2004 181-185 Buy
Precepting: A Win-Win Situation for All McElhiney LInda F May/Jun 2004 194-195 Buy
A Foot in the Door: Building Relationships Builds Your Business Baron Janet May/Jun 2004 197-199 Buy
Standard Operating Procedure: Disposal of Chemicals Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2004 210 Buy
Quality-Control Analytical Methods: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Kupiec Thomas C May/Jun 2004 223-227 Buy
PostScription: How should a pharmacist be trained? Ratto Peter May/Jun 2004 240 Buy
Prescription - USP <795>, NABP and the Physician/patient/pharmacist relationship - From the Editor Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2004 82 Buy
Literature Reviews Foy Elizabeth, MacCara Mary E Mar/Apr 2004 84 Buy
Overview of Chapter <797> "Pharmaceutical Compounding - Sterile Preparations": The Potential Impact for Compounding Pharmacists Rahe Hank Mar/Apr 2004 89-94 Buy
Pluronic Lecithin Organogel for Local Delivery of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Frankum James, Ramsay Dale, Das Nandita G, Das Sudip K Mar/Apr 2004 101-105 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Stephen J. Newton, RPh, and PharmaTech Services, Inc., Avon, Colo. Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2004 107-109 Buy
Detailing Your Compounding Specialty Practice - Part 2: The Presentation Barnett Candace W, Jackson Richard A, Letendre William R Mar/Apr 2004 113-119 Buy
Financially Speaking: Business Continuation Planning Fogarty Frederick C Mar/Apr 2004 120-121 Buy
Calibration/Validation of Incubator Temperature Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2004 130-131 Buy
Quality-Control Analytical Methods: Osmolality and Osmometry Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2004 143-145 Buy
PostScription: Cleanroom Standards Fitzpatrick Mike, Goldstein Ken Mar/Apr 2004 160 Buy
Prescription-Who and/or What is IJPC and the subject of pharmacy practice and compounding pharmacy-From the Editor Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2004 2 Buy
Book & Literature Reviews Jan/Feb 2004 4 Buy
Prevention Is the Best Medicine: Don J. Bottoni, RPh, FACA, FIACP Bottoni Don J Jan/Feb 2004 22-27 Buy
Detailing Your Compounding Specialty Practice: Part 1 - Prospecting, Preapproach and Approach Barnett Candace W, Jackson Richard A, Letendre William R Jan/Feb 2004 31-34 Buy
Developing and Providing Compounding Services for Hospitals Involved in a Merger McElhiney Linda F Jan/Feb 2004 36-39 Buy
American Pharmaceutical Patents From a Historical Perspective Worthen Dennis B Jan/Feb 2004 40-45 Buy
Handling of Syringes and Needles Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2004 49 Buy
Quality-Control Analytical Methods: Selecting an Analytical Method Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2004 61-64 Buy
Metro Atlanta Board - Certified Specialists' Attitudes Toward Compounding Pharmacy Greenburg Aimee R, Barnett Candace W Jan/Feb 2004 65-72 Buy
Compounding for Investigational Studies: The Experience of Ken Hughes, RPh Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2003 436-439 Buy
Single-Patient Trials, Extemporaneously Compounded Products and Pharmaceutical Care Fassett William E Nov/Dec 2003 441-447 Buy
A Foot in the Door: Marketing Tips Jackson Kathy Nov/Dec 2003 454-456 Buy
Technology Spotlight: Automated Prescription-Dispensing Systems Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2003 458-459 Buy
PostScription: Changing Pharmacy Regulations Could Affect US Compounders Downing Pat, Roberson Kim Nov/Dec 2003 495 Buy
Book and Literature Reviews Reed-Kane Dana, Foy Elizabeth, MacCara Mary E Sep/Oct 2003 324-328 Buy
Postcriptions: Compounding Paradox: Taught Less and Practiced More Newton David W Sep/Oct 2003 400 Buy
Calculations Prince Shelly J Sep/Oct 2003 372 Buy
An Ounce of Prevention: Controlling Hazards in Extemporaneous Compounding Practices Kastango Eric S, Trissel Lawrence A, Bradshaw Brian D Sep/Oct 2003 401-416 Buy
Book Reviews Reed-Kane Dana Jul/Aug 2003 244-245 Buy
Literature Review Foy Elizabeth, MacCara Mary E Jul/Aug 2003 246-248 Buy
Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Intervention and Consultation in HRT DiMaggio Jennifer Lyn, Reed-Kane Dana Jul/Aug 2003 258-263 Buy
HIPAA Privacy and Security for Providers: The Basics Kuruc Jullian H Jul/Aug 2003 277-279 Buy
Further Clarification of HIPAA Regulations Bishop Susan K, Winckler Susan, King LD May/Jun 2003 195 Buy
Software for the Compounding Pharmacist: An Update Mason Dave May/Jun 2003 197-205 Buy
Legal & Ethical Issues for Pharmacy Websites King LD, Brashares Jennifer Mar/Apr 2003 88-92 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Building a Compounding Pharmacy Practice from the Ground Up: Prescription Compounding Solutions, Medford, Oregon Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2003 101-103 Buy
Barcode System and Computerized Balance Speed Compounding and Enhance Accuracy Cabaleiro Joe Mar/Apr 2003 118-119 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Ward Drug Company Diabetic Shoppe and Prescription Compounding Center Vail Jane Jan/Feb 2003 21-23 Buy
Establishing and Standardizing Preferred Pharmacy Practices in a Multioffice Infusion Company, Part 2 Chamallas Stanley N, Sullivan Kathleen Jan/Feb 2003 32-36 Buy
Postcription: Future Trends in High Technology Pharmaceutical Compounding Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2003 80 Buy
The Cost of Quality in Pharmacy Kastango Eric S Nov/Dec 2002 404-407 View Sample
Establishing and Standardizing Preferred Pharmacy Practices in a Multioffice Infusion Company, Part 1 Chamallas Stanley N, Sullivan Kathleen Nov/Dec 2002 428-432 Buy
Regulatory and Operational Issues of Founding a Compounding Pharmacy Smith Lisa K Nov/Dec 2002 434-437 Buy
Medications Discontinued in the United States Ashworth Lisa D Nov/Dec 2002 441-442 Buy
Navigating New Territories in Compounding for Veterinary Medicine Davidson Gigi S Sep/Oct 2002 324-327 Buy
Rites of Passage Downing Robin Sep/Oct 2002 337 Buy
Quality in Pharmacy: The New Zealand Experience Hamilton Pauline Sep/Oct 2002 354-358 Buy
Third-Party Contracting for Compounding Pharmacies Heckman H Edward Sep/Oct 2002 359-361 Buy
Satisfaction of Patients Using Bioidentical Hormones for Hormone Replacement Therapy Santoro Filippo Sep/Oct 2002 378 Buy
Establishing an Andropause Practice Biundo Bruce Jul/Aug 2002 259-261 Buy
Compounding and the Courts Gibbs Jeffrey N, Wasserstein Jeffrey N Jul/Aug 2002 263-266 Buy
Legal Issues: Technicians in the Compounding Pharmacy Practice Fix Jennifer Taylor Jul/Aug 2002 274-275 Buy
Excerpts from and Reviews of Current Published Literature: Pharmacy Administration and Other Topics of Interest Foy Elizabeth, MacCara Mary E Jul/Aug 2002 278-280 Buy
Magnetic Iron “Whiskers” in Cereals Newton David W, Hoffman Tovah G Jul/Aug 2002 281-283 Buy
Medications Discontinued in the United States Ashworth Lisa D Jul/Aug 2002 286-287 Buy
How To Perform a Study in Your Pharmacy with Little or No Effort Reed-Kane Dana May/Jun 2002 186-187 Buy
Medications Discontinued in the United States Ashworth Lisa D May/Jun 2002 193 Buy
pH and Osmolarity, A Review of Stranz Marc, Kastango Eric S May/Jun 2002 216-220 Buy
Developing Standard Operating Procedures Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2002 224-225 Buy
Developing a Successful Compounding Business in a Small Town Svoboda Angie Mar/Apr 2002 108-110 Buy
A Guide to Effective Media Relations Walker Jennifer Klein Mar/Apr 2002 111-112 Buy
Medications Discontinued in the United States Ashworth Lisa D Mar/Apr 2002 123 Buy
Standard Operating Procedure: Evaluating and Selecting an Analytical Testing Laboratory Ashworth Lisa D, Gordon Dana, Leiter Charles W, Snow Whit Mar/Apr 2002 149-150 Buy
Compounding with Controlled Substances Whalen Mary Kate Jan/Feb 2002 8-10 Buy
The Problem of Drug Diversion Burke John J Jan/Feb 2002 11-12 Buy
Team Building For Success King Dean J Jan/Feb 2002 27-30 Buy
Safety for Employees in the Compounding Work Area Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2002 60-61 Buy
High-tech Compounding: State-of-the-art Equipment Improves Products and Profit Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2001 412-419 Buy
High-tech Rx Compliance Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2001 419 Buy
High-tech Marketing Techniques Gonzalez Mark A Nov/Dec 2001 420-421 Buy
Training Personnel Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2001 474-475 Buy
Compounding Issues and Accreditation Agencies Petroff Barb Jul/Aug 2001 273-274 Buy
Analytical Testing Facilities and Products Hudson Sonora Jul/Aug 2001 284-286 Buy
Formulations for Success, Part 2 Vail Jane Jul/Aug 2001 287-289 Buy
Motivation and Management: How to Build Your Business into the Job You Love Beard Janet May/Jun 2001 166-169 Buy
A New Trend in Pharmacy Practice: Private Consultations Kuntz Rachael L, Remmert Renee M May/Jun 2001 170-172 Buy
Formulations for Success in Compounding, Part 1 Vail Jane May/Jun 2001 174-175 Buy
Developing a Business Plan for a Compounding Specialty Pharmacy Letendre William R, Jackson Richard A May/Jun 2001 176-179 Buy
Pricing Strategies Roberts Jerrod L May/Jun 2001 180-181 Buy
The Pharmacist Manpower Shortage: How to Recruit and Retain Key Employees Ashworth Lisa D May/Jun 2001 182-184 Buy
Book Reviews: Business Topics for Compounding Pharmacists Reed-Kane Dana May/Jun 2001 185 Buy
Software for the Compounding Pharmacist: A Review Capps Shelly May/Jun 2001 187-189 Buy
Compounding in History: Compounding Economics Worthen Dennis B May/Jun 2001 196-197 Buy
Pharmacy Cleanroom Project Management Considerations: An Experience-Based Perspective Kastango Eric S, DeMarco Sam May/Jun 2001 221-225 View Sample
Establishing and Maintaining a Compounding Pharmacy Reference Library Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2001 226-227 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Custom Rx Compounding and Natural Pharmacy Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 2001 118-119 Buy
Consolidation of Pharmacy Compounding Services: An Alternative to Outsourcing Douglass Kate, Kastango Eric S Mar/Apr 2001 140-144 Buy
Standard Operating Procedure: Certificates of Analysis of Materials Used for Pharmaceutical Compounding Mar/Apr 2001 147 Buy
Profile of a Practice Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2001 32-35 Buy
Sterile-Product Preparations: Mix or Buy? Kastango Eric S Jan/Feb 2001 59-63 Buy
On-Line Billing for Custom Compounds: The Third-Party Payor Heckman H Edward Nov/Dec 2000 445-446 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Med Specialties Pharmacy Mathew Brina Nov/Dec 2000 448-449 Buy
Profile of A Practice: Hormone Replacement Therapy in the Heartland Hudson Sonora Sep/Oct 2000 362 Buy
Profile of a Practice Hudson Sonora Jul/Aug 2000 287 Buy
Pharmacy Licensure Requirements Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 2000 186 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Surviving the Competition Davis Jeanie Lerche May/Jun 2000 203 Buy
The Future of Compounding: An Industry Perspective Capps Shelly, Winckler Susan C, Anthony Calvin J, Halperin Jerome A May/Jun 2000 204-205 Buy
Marketing Your Prescription Compounding Practice: Part Two Letendre William R, Jackson Richard A Mar/Apr 2000 115-117 Buy
Profile of a Practice Davis Jeanie Lerche Mar/Apr 2000 120-121 Buy
Marketing Your Prescription Compounding Practice: Part One Letendre William R, Jackson Richard A Jan/Feb 2000 36-38 Buy
Marketing Tip: Marketing Reps Can Help Capps Shelly Jan/Feb 2000 39 Buy
Profile of a Practice Davis Jeanie Lerche Jan/Feb 2000 40-41 Buy
Calibration of Hot Plates Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2000 64-65 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Going the Extra Mile with Pharmaceutical Care Davis Jeanie Lerche Nov/Dec 1999 455-456 Buy
Independent Pharmacists Score High with Consumers Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 1999 457 Buy
When Problem Audits Strike Heckman H Edward Nov/Dec 1999 458-459 Buy
Finding the Balance Ford Gina Sep/Oct 1999 340 Buy
Compounding Practice Structures Climo Dagmar Sep/Oct 1999 368-370 Buy
Closing in on 2000: Your Y2K Report Davis Jeanie Lerche Sep/Oct 1999 371-374 Buy
Improving the Management, Operations and Cost Effectiveness of Sterile-Product Compounding Kastango Eric S, Douglass Kate Jul/Aug 1999 253-258 Buy
Profile of a Practice Davis Jeanie Lerche Jul/Aug 1999 288-290 Buy
Improving Profitability with Veterinary Compounding Bradley Earl W “Bill” May/Jun 1999 180-181 Buy
Value and Pricing: Figuring Out What You're Worth Capps Shelly May/Jun 1999 197-199 Buy
The BPS Pharmacy Specialty Certification Program Bertin Richard J May/Jun 1999 200-203 Buy
Profile of a Practice Davis Jeanie Lerche Mar/Apr 1999 116-117 Buy
Personal Computing: Take Care When Choosing a Computer Consultant Goldsborough Reid Mar/Apr 1999 122-123 Buy
Report: USP Expert Advisory Panel on Pharmacy Compounding Practices Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1999 126-127 Buy
Issues and Opportunities: Compounding for Dentistry Marek Cindy L Jan/Feb 1999 4 Buy
Audit Problems for Compounding Pharmacies Heckman H Edward Jan/Feb 1999 36-37 Buy
HRT Marketing Tip Jan/Feb 1999 37 Buy
Profile of a Practice Davis Jeanie Lerche Jan/Feb 1999 39 Buy
Physical Requirements for a Nuclear Pharmacy Mills Stanley L Nov/Dec 1998 426 Buy
Comparison of Job Satisfaction for Compounders and Noncompounders Letendre William R, Sheperd Marvin D, Brown Carolyn M Nov/Dec 1998 455-458 Buy
Required Documentation for Home Infusion Pharmacies - Compounding Records Lima Hetty A Sep/Oct 1998 354-359 Buy
Third Party Contracts and the Compounding Pharmacy Heckman H Edward Jul/Aug 1998 286-287 Buy
A Glimpse Into the Future Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 1998 203-204 Buy
An Eye to Success Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 1998 205 Buy
Profile of a Practice: Office Practice Facilitates Compounding and Patient Counseling Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 1998 219 Buy
Firing an Employee - Without Getting Burned Davis Jeanie Lerche Mar/Apr 1998 130-133 Buy
Problems with Third-Party Payments for Compounded Prescriptions Heckman H Edward Mar/Apr 1998 134-136 Buy
Hiring Good People Davis Jeanie Lerche Jan/Feb 1998 38-41 Buy
PostScription: Independent Pharmacy: Alive and Well Anthony Calvin J Jan/Feb 1998 96 Buy
FDA and the Practice of Pharmacy: Regulatory Aspects of Compounding Letendre William R Nov/Dec 1997 399-403 Buy
What Makes Pharmacists Different? Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 1997 214 Buy
Building a Compounding Lab: Remodeling an Existing Facility or Starting from Scratch? Davis Jeanie Lerche May/Jun 1997 156-159 Buy
Patient Handouts Allen Loyd V Jr May/Jun 1997 160-161 Buy
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